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It has been a year and a half since my last update in this space. I take comfort in the fact that some of the things in my life have remained constant. One of the few notable stuff that I did is that I finally gotten my lazy ass to do a full marathon. Timing wasn't that great but, hey, it is a start. Next aim is to do a sub-6 Hours run and maybe, just maybe, cross the Oprah Line, somewhere down the road?

run diary - sundown marathon 2013

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Distance : 21.1 km
Time : 2 hours 53 mins
Playlist : Spiritual State (Nujabes), Hybrid Theory (Linkin Park), AEnima (Tool)

Sundown Marathon will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first running event that I joined, back in 2010. I remember that the event then was held at Changi Exhibition Centre and the route was the service road used by the Changi Airport staff.

For the 2013 edition, the starting point and end point is at the Singapore F1 pit. It brings the runners through some of the most scenic landmarks of the city, though I seriously doubt that anyone was there for sight-seeing.

I reached the starting point at 10.30pm and as expected the crowd was huge. There was a festive atmosphere all around with music blaring and the MC did a good job hyping up the runners. There was also a zumba demonstration cum warm up session with helped in loosening up some muscles for me. 

At 11.30pm sharp and off everyone went. The first 10 km was a breeze, bringing me to some familiar routes such as Nicoll Highway, Mountbatten road and  Tanjong Rhu. I was averaging a 7 min/km pace and breathing was controlled. 

The next leg of the run brought me to Garden by the Bay (East) and that's where I felt the onset of cramp on the right calf. I gave it a cursory rub and I pushed on, which on hindsight is probably a bad decision. 

By the second hour into the race, around 15 km, both my legs were tightly cramped that I had no choice but to walk. I did a quick calculation and realize that I may still be able to finish the run sub 3 hour if I keep it at a brisk walking pace and that was how I ended the race. 

I really need to do something about the cramps that has always been haunting my runs. Right now, my aim is to run more often and to lose a bit of weight prior to the next half marathon.